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New Service Available from Baynepro: The Church Audio Improvement Session

Baynepro was created in 2014 and provides practical production and management services to empower churches and professional artists to reach their fullest potential. As part of that vision, we've developed a new service called The Church Audio Improvement Session to help churches of all shapes and sizes be good stewards of their audio system and volunteers.

During the course of each weekend session, one of our experienced audio engineers will re-tune the current PA system for optimum clarity and power, troubleshoot problems specific to the system, adjust EQs and master settings on the soundboard to appropriate levels, teach current and new volunteers proper mixing techniques as well as fundamentals of the soundboard, and teach band members proper mic techniques and monitor usage. Churches are also given a written recommendation of future upgrades for the system so that they can move forward informed and equipped for conversations with audio install companies when the time comes.

As part of the development of The Church Audio Improvement Session, we've had the opportunity to test drive this program on numerous occasions in 2015. One of the churches that participated in the test drive was Community Christian Church in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. CCC is a non-denominational church, running an attendance of 1600-2000 each Sunday in two services. Bill Kelly, CCC’s media director, says about the experience:

Just wanted to thank you again for everything you did for us here at CCC! I'm still getting positive comments from people about the clarity of the sound system. It's still hard for me to believe that I can have a VO (voice over) on a music bed and still understand what's being said!
You’ve really changed things here at CCC, and made it possible for us to do ministry without being hindered by the technology that is supposed to help us. So, on behalf of everyone here, THANK YOU!”

You can find information and pricing for The Church Audio Improvement Session here or check us out on Facebook to see our most recent work.

Limited dates still available for late Spring!

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Seeking Clarity

Seeking Clarity

Much like having a well lit stage, or a focused and crisp lyric projector, clarity lets us engage without straining, thus allowing us to focus our minds on the content of what is being sung or spoken instead of simply trying to understand what word is being said. Take for example a bird chirping – when you hear it you don’t wonder what it is. It’s always recognizable. It’s so clear that often you can even tell which bird might be producing the sound. That’s clarity.